The E92 M3 Showcar – Personalized By



This website is dedicated to the E92 M3.  The E92 is the fourth generation BMW 3 series ultimate driving machine – so we set out to see how much more “ultimate” we could make it!

This blog is a collection of the parts and accessories we have added to the car, for aesthetics, power and performance.  We have divided this site up into categories which show the parts we have installed on the car, such as: Accessories    Exterior Modifications     Interior Modification       Lighting      Performance Modification.

Each part is thoroughly reviewed and installation instructions are shown.  Hopefully this site will give you some ideas about what you can do with your car!

We will also include photos of the shows that we go to and the trophies won by this amazing car, and ideas we have had along the way.  Check out: Shows      New Product Ideas / Testing

Most of the products you see here are available from   Any questions about any of these items?  Call us at 1-888-884-4269.