Headlight Accent Overlays Installed


Headlight accent overlays are a simple, removable adhesive overlay available for several BMW models.

BMW has recently started to incorporate frosted white plastic inside the headlights on most face lifted or new models after about 2008, E90 LCI, E92 LCI, F01, F10, F25, etc.

These overlays update the look of the old style headlights to more closely resemble the newer style of headlights.  This is a quick-to-install and inexpensive modification for your vehicle that updates its look.

More information and ordering instructions are available at http://www.bimmian.com/HAO

*sorry for the poor pictures, I made this blog post from my iPhone and I didn’t realize the lighting was so bad!*


So this vehicle is a 2008 M3, it has the original E92 headlights without the frosted interior pieces.


Here on the left is the headlights (2007-2009) style that the pre-LCI vehicles have, and on the right is the LCI headlights (2010-2013) style. LCI stands for LIFE CYCLE INVIGORATION which basically means that they have updated the look of the vehicle without changing the entire car.  For BMW this usually means headlights, taillights, sometimes bumpers or other body panels.  They may switch engines as well.


Here are the vinyl overlays.


To install, (after washing your light and making sure there is no wax  dirt or other residue on your light, line up the corners, and lie the material down on the light, don’t worry yet about wrinkles etc.  If it doesn’t line up properly, no big deal, pull it up and try again.


Go across the light lining it up as you go.


Once satisfied with the positioning run your finger along the vertical middle of the material, adhering it to the light.


This will leave gaps and wrinkles at the top and bottom, thats ok, because now you will use your finger to smooth them out working from the middle, outwards. 20120201-115731.jpg

And we’re done.  Use a credit card or similar item to smooth air bubbles out from under the material.  use the card to push them towards the edges of the material.

Here is a “proper” picture of this mod. THe pictures from my iPhone above don’t do it justice….