WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrades (Angel Eyes Upgrade)


Hey all!  Time for another mod on the Bimmian e92 M3 project car!

This time we are going to install a set of LED halo upgrades from WeissLicht.

WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrades are compatible for any vehicle with OEM halogen halo rings.  They convert the boring halogen yellowish color light from your rings into an crisp, cool xenon white color (or red … or blue…).  This mod will also update the look of the car, so that it looks like the newer BMWs that have this color light from the factory.

These are easily installed in just a few steps that Ill be showing you below.  These instructions are for an E92 M3, and are very similar for most other BMW vehicles.

If you want more information, want to check pricing or availability for your vehicle please check out our website at http://www.bimmian.com/LHU.  If you have an E46 and want to ADD halos to your car: check out this page: http://www.bimmian.com/PRO.


Halos before replacement (camera has white balanced the rings to look white instead of their actual yellowish color.


Start by inserting a screwdriver to release the clips holding the panel on the top of the headlight.


Im pointing to the light bulb that we need to remove.  Twist then pull backwards to remove.


Its out.   Unclip the connector from the base of the bulb.


Assemble the wiring clips on your WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrade and ballast.


Depedning on your vehicle, you may have to adjust the rotation of the LED assembly before installation.  If this is the case, refer to the included directions for doing this.   if these directions are not included, then rotation is not necessary. (most vehicles)


Connect the ballast socket + LED bulb to the socket that came out of the bulb you just removed.


Use the provided tool to press the two arms together.  There are two round circles on the arms for this purpose.


Use the tool to guide the arms into the hole that you removed the original bulb from.  Once the tip of the arm is in you may release the arms from the grip of the tool.


Rotate the base of the LED bulb until you feel it become flush then lock securely into place.    You can look in the front of the light, its hard to see, but you can see the fiber optic pickup, and you can see the tip of the WeissLicht bulb.  In this example, the bulb is NOT aligned properly.   If your bulb is like this, make sure that it is screwed in properly.  If it is screwed in properly then the bulb alignment may not be correct (refer to the step above that shows the instruction guide.)


And we’re done!   Looks great!  Nice and bright!

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  1. nassar says:

    Hey this seems to be exactly what I am looking for. I have some questions who can i email?