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I can just picture the conversation now, a bunch of German BMW executives sitting in a boardroom in Munich (BMW headquarters)…. “Das neu M3 ist uber cool… how do we make it less awesome?” “Hans! I know! Chrome grilles!!!” — unfortunately, this decision stuck…. BMW has also admitted that black grilles are cooler than chrome, by offering it as an (expensive) option when ordering the M3.

But… you’re stuck with a cool car with lame chrome grilles …. what can we do?

Matte black grilles from are a perfect solution. They are exact OEM style replicas, made to the same specifications out of the same high quality plastic as the originals. These are available for every BMW model at

For an added splash of cool-factor, consider getting our gloss black grilles, color matched grilles (ie. avus blue grilles on your avis blue car.) or try a contrasting color (dark silver on black or red on white…. )

So lets get started with the install. Its really easy.


The original.


Unboxing the solution (those orange tabs are our seal of quality assurance)


Showing a painted grille as well…. (what will we do with this later?)


Lets start the install by holding the new grille up to the old grille. Notice where the tabs are and how you would release them. The tabs are the same style and in the same place on the original grilles. This will guide you on where to look on the backside of the original grille during installation.


In this E92 (also for e90, e63, and others) the grille is attached to the bumper, this gives us an extra step during the installation — that is, removing the 4 (number may vary based on model) torx screws holding the top of the bumper cover to the car. This will allow us to flex the plastic bumper to reach behind it and compress the tabs on the clips to loosen and remove the grille

On cars like E46, E53, etc. the grilles are part of the hood. This means you can already access the back side of the grilles, and release the clips without touching the bumper.


Here is a close-up of the clip, you need to press downwards on the central tab to release.


I’ve reached behind and unclipped the first few tabs on the top. all the time, i am holding the grille and keeping it pulled outwards so the tension from the other clips doesnt pull it back in towards the car, re-engaging the grille clips.


Repeat for top and bottom and both sides. Once removed line the clips of the new grille up with the holes where the original grille clips were inserted, and push evenly forward. Reinstall the screws if necessary and you’re done!

After doing this installation I got creative and played around with the grilles a bit… subscribe to our blog or follow us on facebook. We will be posting a couple articles in the near future that you may be interested in.

Finally: since this is an m3, we have another set of grilles on the sides…. we will install those in an upcoming blog post.

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