DecalWerks Kidney Grille M Stripes For BMW Vehicles


This is a clever product, so simple and subtle, yet visually striking.

Its a set of 3 colored stripes, precision cut to fit the exact width of the BMW grille slats. Apply them to your grille to give your car the extra look of ///M from the front.

These are also available in German flag stripes (red black and yellow) for an alternative look.

These DecalWerks Vinyl M Grille Stripes can be ordered from Bimmian at


The before picture……


The product… Note that each set actually comes with 5 different widths of stripes for a perfect fit for any BMW vehicle.


(Due to the lighting this stripe looks orange… its red… sorry about that).

Peel one of the stripes off one of the strips and check for width. Keep trying various widths until you find the perfect width for your vehicle.

On this E92 project car, the second smallest was the correct width.


Then, start at the top, and slowly apply the striping to the front of the grille slat.


Use a blade to cut any excess off of the stripe. Repeat for the other two colors.


Installation complete. A great looking subtle to increase the M-ness of your vehicle.

2 Responses to DecalWerks Kidney Grille M Stripes For BMW Vehicles

  1. Hoeffs says:

    The second bleu looks like purple.also in the add. Is it bleu .like the real M logo?