AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Pedals from


Seeing as we already have the DecalWerks Carbo-noc dash trim, door sills, and a few other accents around the vehicle, I thought bringing some carbon into the footwell may be a cool idea with a set of AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Pedals ( )

Having a grey interior is also pretty cool because the inserts for our black carbon pedals are a very close shade of grey.



(instead of showing you the installation step-by-step, Ill include an installation guide we already made)


After……. We didn’t replace the footrest (yet) since the M footrest is already metal.  I think we should replace it… perhaps in a future post.


Here is a step-back picture of the pedals, and the seats.  I think its a good match.  We will get photos later with a better quality camera so you can see the difference. We can also see the carbon dash trim we wrapped earlier.

The red stripe on the dash trim is just something we were playing with. Not sure if we are going to keep it or not….

What do you think about that red stripe?

What do you think about the pedals?

Do you think we should have used silver carbon?

Do you think we should have gotten Racing Pedals?

Do you think we should have used one of these 3 other styles aluminum pedals?

Give us your feedback!!!