Teaser: Key ID


So now that we have our Bimmian E92 M3 showcar, we have two cars with the same style of key.  I got wondering if we can come up with a good way of marking they keys with identifying colors to be able to tell them apart more easily.

So… being bimmian: we got creative with a design that we already engineered: our carbon key covers (http://www.bimmian.com/CKC).  We had some cut in both grey and brown.  (In hindsight, not the nicest colors, but they matched the interior colors of the M3 (grey) and my X5 (tobacco brown). I used the interior colors because the M3 is Jerez black, which isnt much different from the key already, and the X5 is Monaco blue, which is really dark blue, and wouldn’t be visible on the key either.

I tried to apply these to the keys in various ways…. review the below and give me your feedback?

Is this horribly ugly?

Which accent looks best?  Centers? full coverage? Stripes?

Do you have a need for this?

Would you buy this if offered?

Let us know what you think!