DecalWerks Smoked Headlight Protection Film For BMW from Bimmian


Our E92 M3 is a 2008 with only about 45k miles on it.  Already the headlights are pretty pitted and damaged by stones.  This damage is visible in the right light, difficult, though, to capture using my iPhone camera.

I wanted to not only mask this damage, but also protect them from the future, I had two options.  I could either have covered them in our clear lens protection film (detail at ) or covered them in our smoked films (detail at ).

The smoked lens films come in three different color shades. Light, medium and dark.  IMO dark is too dark for use on headlights, as it diminishes light output.  So I really had only two choices.  I ended up choosing the lightest film, which will give a subtle tint to the headlights, while protecting them and insignificantly affecting light output.

Here is how its installed… (the pictures make the material look purple-ish), its not like that in real life)


Unroll material.  Get a heat gun (or hair dryer) and an blade.

Thoroughly clean the lens, so it is free of dust, dirt or wax.

TAKE YOUR TIME, plan to spend at least 20 minutes per light, if you rush, you will be disappointed with the results.


Figure out which side is up, and which side is left and right by holding the cut product up to the vehicle.


Warm the material with the heat gun for a couple moments so it is obviously more flexible, and apply loosely to the headlight, lining it up as you go.  Hold the material by the tabs on each side, to avoid touching the back part of the film where it will stick to the lens. The material is forgiving so if you apply it incorrectly, you can pull it back off and reposition it.   Make sure the material stays warm during application as this will save you effort later in working it to fit the headlight.

Use your finger to press the material to the lens along the horizontal middle.  Just run your finger across the middle of the lens from left to right.


Since the headlight is concave, there will be excess material at the top and bottom.  Warm the material with the heat gun again, and use your finger to push out from the middle line that you already created, up towards the top and bottom of the material until it all adheres. You may have some material hang over the sides, and you will definitely have material on the ends where the finger grip tabs are.


Use your knife to trim around the edges of the film where it overhangs the light.

Any tiny air bubbles will work themselves out over time, and any adhesive ripples will diminish over time as well.


Just to see what it would look like, I put an LCI headlight overlay ( )on top of the film.  Not sure if I like it.  What do you guys think??