Essential Mod: Interior Xenon Bulbs – Ultimate Kit


One of the signs of a high end vehicle are the xenon lights…  you know, that pure white glow which illuminates everything so well…. and looks amazing.    As BMW drivers, most of us have these on the outside of our cars (if not, check out, but what about the INSIDE?

We are stuck with these “Thomas Edison” style interior lights… how boring.  Lets get out of the 1800s and get some modern LEDs in there!

This is a very popular first-time mod, and its available for almost every BMW vehicle at 3 different price points.  Check out the detail at – theres a great video there that explains the differences between the 3 varieties available.

The installation instructions shown here are for an E92, but are very similar for e90 and just about every other BMW vehicle.


The original incandescent bulbs that were installed in our E92 M3.


Taking a step back, this is the look before replacing the bulbs with Interior Xenon Bulbs.


Lets start on the center console. this is the trickiest one to remove.   Tilt the mirror back and use a flat-head screwdriver to compress the two metal clips located right behind the center of the map lights.


Once removed, unscrew three bulbs from the back side of the light housing.


Pop off the plastic bulb cover.


Disconnect the electrical wires from the light and use a screwdriver to push forward on each of the map lights through the hole on the back to remove the map light coversfrom the housing.


Here is our replacement kit.  We are using the ULTIMATE kit which includes full replacement modules where possible.


Pull the light bulb out of the holders and put the holders back into the light housing.


Use one of the oval shaped bulbs and press it into the base.  This can be tricky, insert it on an angle to spread the metal contacts in the receiver properly.


Do the same for te middle dome-light.


Reconnect the power and test all 3 lights — looks a lot better compared to those ugly dim stock bulbs.

Repeat this for the rear dome light.



Next in the back, use a flat head screwdriver to pop out the rear footwell lights.


Unplug from the vehicle and use a screwdriver to separate the housing into two pieces.


Remove the 2 glass bulbs in each lens, and replace with the tiny included LED bulbs — with LED pointing outwards of course.


Plug in to test, then snap everything together, and back into place.


In the doors, there is a tab you need to compress on the end.  Press it in with a flat head screwdriver and pull the module out.


Take a similar looking module provided in the ULTIMATE INTERIOR XENON KIT and plug it in, then clip it back into the door (repeat for other side)




Install the bulb in the trunk in the same way as we did the doors.



Now to change the footwell lights.


This is again done in the same way as the doors.


For the glove box light, its difficult to see here, but we remove the module in the same way as the door light, but just replace the bulb inside with a similar-length LED bulb included in the kit.


Finally, we have to do the lights behind the visors.



These come out by pulling on the frontwards edge with your fingers.  Remove the bulb and replace with an included LED bulb of similar length.


Everything is a nice match — beware of competitors kits where bulbs are made in different factories, the LEDs will not match!


The interior looks much better now that all the ugly orange is gone.

Note that the leather color is a blueish grey color, so the leather looks a lot more blue under these lights.   Look at the footwell to see better what it will look like on black.