E92 M3 White LED Sidemarker Lights + Black Surrounds


Hey all.  We’re actually installing two products at one time here. We are installing matte black side-grilles and LED turn indicator lights on our E92 M3.  These are sold together, at http://www.bimmian.com/LSL/9X or just the grilles can be purchased separately at http://www.bimmian.com/MSG/9X.     Either way — you have GOT to get rid of that chrome :)

Thanks to our friends at Jlevisw for sending these over for us!

Yes, you are right, the side marker lights on the E90 or E92 M3 are already LED…. but….. its one led, so its not so bright…. and its orange.    The LED side markers we sell are CONSIDERABLY brighter than OEM as they use a whole strip of SMD LEDs.  AND they are available in white…. i figure the white will go well with the white wrap we are putting on the car.

Let me show you how to install them:



Look at where the clips are on the replacement piece.  Use a flat-head screwdriver to push between the car body and the grille, this will release the clips as you go.   Pinch and pull outwards on the grille more and more as you release each clip, so they don’t snap back in unintentionally.  I recommend either doing the top only or the bottom only as once you have either side unclipped the whole thing will just pop out.


Not shown: once its out, remove the wire from the back, it just unclips.

Next we need to take the black piece apart so that we can access the clips that hold the black piece to the chrome piece.  This will be a little different for the sedans, but the concept is the same.

Theres a clip on the front + rear side of the black piece.  Use your flat head screwdriver to lift up on this clip to release the two halves of the black part.


Once separated, one of the black pieces will still be attached to the chrome.  this is tricky and tedious, but you need to pull these pieces apart.  Lifting the clips on the silver part doesnt really do too much.  I just had to reef on it until it pops out, it didn’t break the clips as the black plastic is flexible.  I probably shouldn’t advocate doing it this way, but thats how i did it.



Remove the one hex screw that holds the light housing to the chrome part.


Use screwdriver or blade to remove the M3 Logo from the chrome grille.  If you bend it, flatten it out after removal.


Use screw to attach the LED strip to the black grille.  Clip the original two black pieces that came off the original grille onto your black side grille (e92 only), and use double sided tape or glue to attach M3 emblem to the front of the black side grille.


Connect wire, and test functionality before installation.   Then just clip it back into the fender.


Crazy bright…. looks great.



The black grille looks awesome off too!