AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber and Alcantara Steering Wheel For BMW


So the ///M steering wheel is nice….. but the AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber and Alcantara Steering Wheel is way nicer.

This is one of those products that everyone would get if they just sat in the drivers seat and touched.  The thickness of the wheel is significantly thicker than stock, for a feeling of power and aggression and ultimate control.

It is made of premium materials as well, black perforated leather at the 9 and 3 positions for ultimate grip when racing, real carbon top and lower for an extra cool appearance, and alcantara bottom to accent the alcantara roof found in so many M cars.

With this wheel, driving will never be the same.  Since you are touching it and looking at it all the time, its one of the best modifications you can make to your car.  Get more details or order at

The installation method for installing a steering wheel is VERY similar regardless of which vehicle you are installing the wheel on.    We also have an installation video at for your reference.

in this installation we will also be installing AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim from available at

Lets start the install…. (ignore the fact that the dash is all taken apart, you’ll see why later …… )


Out with the old….  first thing to do is to turn the steering wheel so the wheels are exactly facing forwards, and steering wheel is 100% upright.  Then, remove the negative terminal on the battery.  As we will be working with the vehicle electrics and airbag, its better safe than sorry.  If you decide to ignore this warning, It is important that you do not for any reason turn on your car (even to auxiliary mode) with any of the steering wheel cables disconnected.  This will cause you a trip to the dealer to get your error lights switched off.    And, obviously, don’t drive without an airbag!


First, look on the backside of the steering wheel.  Its more obvious on older cars, but on this e92 M3, its hard to see, there are two tiny little slits in the backside of the wheel.  feel around for them, you will feel a divot around them.  Once you find it, insert a flat-head screwdriver.   Go straight in, and you will feel a compression spring (see pictures later to get a better idea where these are) compress the spring and pull out that side of the airbag.  Do the same for the opposite side and the airbag will release.


pull directly outwards on the airbag to remove.


Release the clips on each side of each of the wires that connect to the airbag, then pull outwards to remove the wires.



Use a torx screwdriver to remove the screw holding the ground strap in place.   Then remove the plugs going into the steering wheel column.


Use a torx screwdriver to remove the three bolts holding the airbag mounting structure to the wheel.


Finally, use a ratchet, likely with extension piece to remove the main bolt holding the steering wheel to the car and pull the wheel straight off.20120321-164042.jpg


On the backside of the steering wheel there are several screws holding the trim to the wheel.  Remove those.



Install your new wheel.  You cannot see it clearly in the picture, but you will see a notch on the wheel near the bottom of where the wheel connects to the steering column.  You will see a similar notch on the steering column as well.  Make sure these line up 100% before installing the bolt to secure the new wheel to the car.   (in this example we left the protective packaging on the wheel during installation as not to scratch the wheel.),… by the way, the next few steps I did while the wheel was on the car.  You may find it easier to reassemble all the parts on the new wheel while the car is off the car first.   Other than for airbag installation (which must be last), it doesnt matter which steps you do first.


On the backside of the trim piece, there are the two button modules for operating stereo/cruise control functions from the steering wheel itself.  Remove those from the trim ONLY if you will be replacing your trim with a carbon trim also available from at, otherwise, leave them on the original trim.  Once removed, attach to new trim.


Reattach all wires to the wheel and steering column, and re-affix the airbag mounting plate to the new wheel.


Reinstall the trim as well. Then reconnect the airbag.  Double check all your wiring connections at this point.

Finally, align the airbag up with the holes where it will snap into and push firmly and equally across the entire surface of the airbag to click it into place.


The AutoCarbon steering wheel came with optional stripes to be used to mark a centre line on the steering wheel….. (need info about this?  check this post).  Five stripe colors in 2 different widths each are provided.


I am going to take the thin blue, dark blue and red stripes to put the M colors on the wheel.


I positioned the blue in the centre of the wheel, then the red and light blue on either side of it.   I started the middle of the stripe at the front of the wheel and worked it around to the back so the seam is on the back of the wheel.



Looks great to me.  I can’t wait to get driving!


2 Responses to AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber and Alcantara Steering Wheel For BMW

  1. please give me a price on the carbon fiber sports steering with the M badge on the bottom is the steering wheel cut of at the end? as the photos dont make it justes its for an BMW X6 E 71 5 Twin turbo 2009

    where are you located?

    chris kavakos

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris: Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for the delay in responding,

      Pricing and fitment for this steering wheel is available at

      Depending on which country you are from, on that page, you can choose to view the pricing in whatever currency you choose.

      The lower steering wheel trim with the logo is reused from your original wheel.

      if you have other questions, please email us at