Racing Pedals for BMW


Our friends at the racing pedals shop sent us over a custom made gift for our BMW E92 M3 Showcar!!!! Thanks guys!!! Looks awesome as always.

These pedals are made out of high grade aluminum, and can can be customized for aesthetic and racing purposes.

For a great grip, these pedals feature a frosted grid shaped pattern to grip the rubber of your shoes very well.  These pedals also feature an enlarged upper gas pedal for heel-toe shifting.   There’s also a special surprise about the footrest…

For more information, to see the available finish and heel-toe options or to order your very own set of racing pedals for just about any BMW vehicle, please check out


Installation is straightforward.  Just pop the rubber cap off the gas/clutch pedals. and align or clamp the pedal replacement to the vehicle.  Mark where we will need to drill holes in the vehicle pedals, one for each corner of the pedal.  Drill it out, four for each pedal, and use the included fasteners to attach the pedals to the vehicle.


And theres the special surprise on the footrest.  The logo!!!


Looks Great!!!! (Yes, I know, the installation is not done.  Only the top screws were put in at this point.)