The wrapping begins….


So… Its a tedious process, but we got the film in and have started the matte white wrap.

We are using 3M ScotchPrint 1080.  Its simply the best material to work with in the marketplace. its made by 3M (like our Di-Noc material ).  It stretches really nicely, has adhesive that allows you to remove the material easily in the event of an application error, and allows great stretching and shrinking to get around curves and corners.

As you will see in the pictures below, we have done the hood and fender… more to come!

Notice the blue accents on the hood grilles and mirrors (yes, the pictures from the iPhone are pretty bad but you can see it).  We would like to use this accent color on various parts of the vehicle, however, 3M doesn’t make this color material, so we had to use a no-name.  Its peeling off already.  Proves never to waste your money on unknown wrapping films!    We are searching for a suitable replacement for this film.

You will also see that we wrapped the roof in 3M Carbo-Noc carbon fiber material (more info at ).  Having a pattern, this is a thicker material to work with, but still worked AMAZINGLY well.  Since this M3 has the sunroof, I figured this was the next best thing to having a real carbon roof! I will get some better pictures later to show you the shimmer of this amazing material.

Click on the pictures below to make them larger.

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