WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade for BMW E92 M3


For the longest time, BMW has plagued us with these ugly yellow-colored license plate illumination lights.

In 2008(?) BMW started to include pure-white LED replacements as stock parts.  This is great, it cleans up the color, BUT, they aren’t that bright so don’t look that good.  Their solution has only TWO LEDs inside.

Lets get rid of these underpowered lights, and with a 5 minute install, lets upgrade to the WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Modules.   These feature 24 high power SMD LEDs for the best look on the rear of the vehicle.

Note that these license plate illumination modules are available for just about every BMW.  They are also available regardless of whether you have the OEM halogen bulb or OEM LED plate illumination.   Get more detail or order now at http://www.bimmian.com/LPL - Bimmian Weisslicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade


Before….. nice white color, but fairly dim.


The solution:  24-LED Replacement modules!


Installation is super-easy.  Insert screwdriver into the slot, slide right and downwards.


Disconnect the connector from the original lamp.


Plug in the WeissLicht license plate light.


Snap it in and witness the difference…. its dramatic…. even the reflection of the light below the plate shows the difference!


Another view of the dramatic difference


Straight-on, its blindingly bright.


Perform the same installation steps on the other side, and we’re done!