AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Hoods


AutoCarbon has just released a new line of carbon fiber hoods and trunk lids.

Bimmian has never carried anything like this before, so we ordered up a bunch of samples for our project car to check out their quality and fitment.  We had no doubts that they would be perfect as the stuff that AutoCarbon produces is always top notch… and good news WE WERE RIGHT.

These parts were brilliant in their design, finish, fitment, quality, etc.  We have added them to our site.  Check out for the hood (bonnet) and for the trunk (boot) lid

Lets take a look at the hood fitment…. by the way, this was our first install of a hood, the installation was SUPER EASY.  I couldn’t believe it.   This is totally a DIY installation.


Carbon Fiber Hood, freshly unboxed!


Ready to remove the old hood….


Start by removing the closure latch and hooks from along the frontside of the hood.


3 pieces removed.


Its hard to see in this picture, but next we must get a wrench to loosen the nut portion of the lower shock mounting point.   At this point you need a friend / broomstick to hold the hood up.   Do this for both sides.


We put towels near the bottom of the hood as we didnt want the hood to get damaged once we took it off the hinges.


Remove to bolts from each side holding the hinge to the hood.  Have a friend now support the hood from the back side after you remove the first side as there will be nothing holding the hood to the vehicle as you remove the other side.


The hood is now off the car and set down on bubble wrap to protect the corners.  Use a flat screwdriver to loosen the clip that holds the shock onto the hood.



Use a wrench to remove the mounting bolt from the hood.



Use a screwdriver or trim removal tool to remove the original emblem.


Remove the grommets from the holes in the hood under the roundel.  We will need these to re-secure the roundel to the new hood.


We then lifted the new hood in place and bolted it to the car using the 4 bolts we removed originally.  We closed the hood to make sure everything was aligned correctly.  It wasnt — thats ok though because the chances of getting it lined up right the first time are slim to none.  One tip though to get a good starting point, is to try to position the hood so that when the screws are attached the screws are in the same position on the hinges as they were before — you can tell this because the car is painted after the hood is installed, so try to cover up as much of the unpainted area of the hinges as possible with the bolts.

Loosen and re-tighten and re-close the hood until the alignment looks the same on each side of the hood.


NOTE : its important not to over-tighten any of the bolts that you will attach to the hood.  The hood is made of fiberglass under the carbon fiber.  Nuts are formed into the fiberglass to provide for mounting points for the bolts.  If you overtighten the bolts, however, this will crack the fiberglass around the nuts, and it will become loose or wreck the hood.  Tigheten adequately, but if you hear crackling stop immediately.


Attach the shock mounting points to the new hood.


Attach shock and re-affix metal locking pin that was loosened earlier.


In this case, the hood is created to be compatible with either a E92 or an E92 M3.  For the M3, one of the hood vents is an air intake.  Since the hood is made for both, we must cut a hole using a dremel for the air intake.  To make it easier to see, we put a white sticker over the area and drew out a line.  its really easy to know where to cut because the area to cut is beveled inwards.

NOTE: we are going to talk to autocarbon to see if they can pre-cut these at the factory for M3 owners.


After cutting… a very clean job.


We attached the rubber air intake tube to the air intake box on the engine as opposed to sticking it to the carbon hood.


Re-insert the roundel grommets into the hood.


… and affix the roundel!  The roundel may be loose if the grommets got stretched or otherwise became damaged during removal.  In this case, you may want to use double sided tape or butyl tape to affix the emblem to the hood.

(BMW emblem is shown with Bimmian colored roundel overlays …. see post on forum or )