AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for BMW


The M3 has incredible looking mirrors, but the shape is pretty boring.  I tried leaving them black to contrast the white, it didnt look good.  We wrapped them in matte white like the rest of the car.  That didn’t look good either.

It had to be carbon fiber.

So, AutoCarbon to the rescue — they make awesome stuff by the way — carbon fiber mirror caps it is.

AutoCarbon makes these mirror caps for many BMW models, get the list or order yours at


Here they are.  Flawless weave.


They are made of ultra-thin dry carbon fiber for a very original appearance.  You can hardly tell its an overlay.

We are using the included double sided 3M adhesive tape to attach the cover to the vehicle.  We are covering the inside of the mirror cap with this adhesive tape.


Once the inside is covered well with tape, we remove the paper lining, and fit it onto the car.   (We used more than this amount, just for illustration purposes.


Even though the carbon is rigid, it can bend — we bent it a bit as we were installing it so that the adhesive didnt have a chance to touch mirror in the wrong place before we could get everything aligned.



Looks great! Looks even better in person though.  Better pics to follow!


Lines up with the original mirror cap and follows the lines of the mirror very nicely!