AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Shark Fin Antenna Overlay


As you would have seen in our previous blog entries, we wrapped the roof in carbon fiber in DecalWerks Carbo-Noc Carbon Fiber Film.  Blog Post   Product information

But we still had the shark fin antenna that wasnt covered — thankfully, the car was black before wrapping so the unwrapped look of the antenna was not revolting (ugh, imagine if the car was a different color!)

Even though it didn’t look horrible, it didn’t look good — and another excuse to use carbon fiber on the car is cool.  So when we found out that AutoCarbon had just perfected their carbon fiber shark fin antenna overlay, we had to get one for the car.  So here it is:  and here’s the install!

This carbon fiber shark find cover is made of an ultra thin piece of real carbon fiber.  It is made using a process called DRY CARBON FORMING.  This increases quality and tolerances in tight corners and makes for a minimal thickness of the part.  Once installed you would never know this was an overlay.    Get more information or order yours at


No :) It doesn’t install on the trunk lid…



To begin installation start applying some of the included 3M adhesive tape to the backside. Cover as much of it as possible.


Once done, peel off the backing paper (you can still see the transparent double sided tape a little in this picture)


Line it up, and stick it on :)


Looks great!