AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Rear Roof Spoiler from Bimmian


A roof spoiler is one of those subtle modifications that makes your car just that bit different than everyone eles.  It adds a sporty character to the car.

Bimmian sells these available in pre-painted versions or in real carbon fiber through AutoCarbon at

We have decided to install a carbon fiber spoiler onto the car to go along with the hood / trunk, and other carbon goodies we will be installing in the coming days.


Freshly unboxed.   Our AutoCarbon CF trunk lid makes the perfect photo table :)



First we dry-fit the spoiler to the roof line to get an understanding of how it will fit, where the edges will go and to learn the centering points left-and-right.  Its much easier to do this with an assistant to ensure you place it exactly centered.  Once you have determined its permanent mounting location, apply to the back of the spoiler either a strong adhesive, or butyl tape (used for installing windshields in cars – available at most glass shops) for a very secure but non-permenant installation of the spoiler.


Precisely line up where the spoiler will go while holding it slightly above the glass.


Once satisfied with the positioning, starting from the center outwards, apply pressure to push it down.  Put a heavy bag of rice or potatoes (or multiples) on it to ensure pressure is put on the spoiler as you let the adhesive cure as specified.  Before driving, try to pull up on the spoiler and ensure it is firmly attached so it doesn’t come off while driving.


What a great look!!!!!