Wrapping Complete


OK guys, so heres a tip.  Never try to wrap your own car.

Maybe I’m just lazy…. but its incredibly tedious.   Took me about 17 hours to do the Hood, single front fender, single door, and roof.  The hood took the longest, the power dome and curved nature of the entire hood made it tough.


Dreading the return to the job (and especially the front bumper) and the sacrifice of at least 2-3 more weekends, I delayed and delayed…. hence no new blog posts for a while.  I realized I would never have this wrap finished, so I threw in the towel and sent the car out to be finished by professionals.

Its back, and it looks great.  I got a couple pictures of it in the mean time.  (I told them to leave the trunk black as I was replacing with a CF trunk lid. (also ignore that theres no passenger door handle and side vent… :)

Take a peek….

If anyone wants a referral to someone in the east end of Toronto who does a good job on wraps, let me know.

2 Responses to Wrapping Complete

  1. Jay says:


    Im want to get my car wrapped as well.
    Can you give me the refferal please.