Mechunik Air Intake Scoops Installation


The Mechunik air intake scoops help to divert more air into the cold air intake of your vehicle creeting a higher pressure inside the intake system and increasing horsepower produced by the engine.

We want as much power as we can get out of our E92 M3 project car, so of course we are installing these.  Installation takes just a few minutes, and can be done without professional help, so this makes for one of the fastest, and most inexpensive reversible performance modifications you can make to your BMW.
These are available for many BMW M models and can be found at  These are available in both red and black color for a bold or stealthy look.   We chose the red.
Lets take a look at the installation on our E92 M3 project car.  Installation for other cars will be similar.
First, we need to remove the air intake cowling found above the grilles. We do this by using a pry tool to pull up on the center part of the retaining pins that are holding in the cowling clips.
we then use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding in the other side of the cowling.
Take the cowling off and put it aside.
Put the scoops into place.
Install with the scoop facing frontwards and the hole over the hole where we removed the clip in step 1.  See previous image for illustration of this hole position.
Now its time to replace the cowling, re-insert the clips, and tighten the screws.  For the clips re-insert the center pin and lightly tap with a hammer to push the pin down into the retaining clip.
Looks great, and our engine is getting more air now.  This goes great with an aftermarket Active Autowerke or aFe filter also available from at or