Active Autowerke Supercharger Kit for Bimmian E92 M3 Project Car


Its been a while, because we have been busy installing and testing the next mod on the Bimmian E92 M3 project car….

its an Active Autowerke Stage 2 Supercharger kit with methanol injection!

Here are the specs

Boost: 6.5-7.5 psi
Horsepower: 625 HP
Torque: 450 Ft Lbs

Let me tell you, this car is now a rocket!  A little bored with your M3?  Spend the bucks and get this kit.  Its worth every last dime.    They also offer kits for E46 vehicles as well. Check it out at

The flawless install was done by our friends at Bimmersport Automotive… keep up the good work!

Thanks also to Rob + the rest of the team at Active Autowerke.  Awesome product guys!

Here are some pics they took during the install.

The kit!  – notice the real carbon fiber plenum upgrade.

It looks painful but it will be OK soon….. .

Intake system removed, intercooler and blower mounted.

Close up of both intercoolers…. the small one in the back cools the supercharger oil.  The one in the front is an air-to-air intercooler.



The methanol tank and injection pump in the trunk

Supercharger air intake pipe

The stock air intake plenum removed.

The blower installed.

Air intake installed. Active Autowerke plenum installed.

Finishing up

All Done….