Active Autowerke E92 M3 Signature Exhaust – Installed on Project Car


So of course with any worthy project car, an aftermarket exhaust system is a must.

Having heard a lot of good things about Active Autowerke exhaust systems, AND having heard many nice sounding cars with this system on there, I figured we would get a cat-back system for the project car.

So, on it goes…. and its better than we expected!!!!

This cat back system is not too loud, but not too quiet. ¬†When you pounce on the throttle, you certainly know the car is tuned, but when just driving through town, you aren’t making a big scene.

The sound is crisp and professional, Its a deep growl without the raspiness or buzzing sound that you hear in the exhaust systems of competitors.

We will post a sound clip very soon!

For more information about the systems, and for a list of the (many) BMW vehicles these systems are available for, check out the website.