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Illustro Is Here!


Bimmian is proud to announce that it is launching all new WeissLicht Illustro LED headlight and fog light bulbs officially starting today!

Illustro LED bulbs are designed to be super compact, fan-less, completely weatherproof and ultra bright in order to ensure you have the brightest and safest drive every single time you get in your BMW. These ingenius bulbs put other LEDs to shame with their revolutionary fan-less design and feature no moving parts or hassle. The final product is a sleek, light weight, perfectly fitting, ultra-compact, super-cool, ultra-bright bulb.

For a limited time only this brand new product will be launching at $119.

You can purchase yours starting today HERE

Illustro is ultra bright.

Illustro is ultra bright.


Watch Our Product Video Here:





E92 M3 White LED Sidemarker Lights + Black Surrounds


Hey all.  We’re actually installing two products at one time here. We are installing matte black side-grilles and LED turn indicator lights on our E92 M3.  These are sold together, at or just the grilles can be purchased separately at     Either way — you have GOT to get rid of that chrome :)

Thanks to our friends at Jlevisw for sending these over for us!

Yes, you are right, the side marker lights on the E90 or E92 M3 are already LED…. but….. its one led, so its not so bright…. and its orange.    The LED side markers we sell are CONSIDERABLY brighter than OEM as they use a whole strip of SMD LEDs.  AND they are available in white…. i figure the white will go well with the white wrap we are putting on the car.

Let me show you how to install them:



Look at where the clips are on the replacement piece.  Use a flat-head screwdriver to push between the car body and the grille, this will release the clips as you go.   Pinch and pull outwards on the grille more and more as you release each clip, so they don’t snap back in unintentionally.  I recommend either doing the top only or the bottom only as once you have either side unclipped the whole thing will just pop out.


Not shown: once its out, remove the wire from the back, it just unclips.

Next we need to take the black piece apart so that we can access the clips that hold the black piece to the chrome piece.  This will be a little different for the sedans, but the concept is the same.

Theres a clip on the front + rear side of the black piece.  Use your flat head screwdriver to lift up on this clip to release the two halves of the black part.


Once separated, one of the black pieces will still be attached to the chrome.  this is tricky and tedious, but you need to pull these pieces apart.  Lifting the clips on the silver part doesnt really do too much.  I just had to reef on it until it pops out, it didn’t break the clips as the black plastic is flexible.  I probably shouldn’t advocate doing it this way, but thats how i did it.



Remove the one hex screw that holds the light housing to the chrome part.


Use screwdriver or blade to remove the M3 Logo from the chrome grille.  If you bend it, flatten it out after removal.


Use screw to attach the LED strip to the black grille.  Clip the original two black pieces that came off the original grille onto your black side grille (e92 only), and use double sided tape or glue to attach M3 emblem to the front of the black side grille.


Connect wire, and test functionality before installation.   Then just clip it back into the fender.


Crazy bright…. looks great.



The black grille looks awesome off too!

DecalWerks Smoked Headlight Protection Film For BMW from Bimmian


Our E92 M3 is a 2008 with only about 45k miles on it.  Already the headlights are pretty pitted and damaged by stones.  This damage is visible in the right light, difficult, though, to capture using my iPhone camera.

I wanted to not only mask this damage, but also protect them from the future, I had two options.  I could either have covered them in our clear lens protection film (detail at ) or covered them in our smoked films (detail at ).

The smoked lens films come in three different color shades. Light, medium and dark.  IMO dark is too dark for use on headlights, as it diminishes light output.  So I really had only two choices.  I ended up choosing the lightest film, which will give a subtle tint to the headlights, while protecting them and insignificantly affecting light output.

Here is how its installed… (the pictures make the material look purple-ish), its not like that in real life)


Unroll material.  Get a heat gun (or hair dryer) and an blade.

Thoroughly clean the lens, so it is free of dust, dirt or wax.

TAKE YOUR TIME, plan to spend at least 20 minutes per light, if you rush, you will be disappointed with the results.


Figure out which side is up, and which side is left and right by holding the cut product up to the vehicle.


Warm the material with the heat gun for a couple moments so it is obviously more flexible, and apply loosely to the headlight, lining it up as you go.  Hold the material by the tabs on each side, to avoid touching the back part of the film where it will stick to the lens. The material is forgiving so if you apply it incorrectly, you can pull it back off and reposition it.   Make sure the material stays warm during application as this will save you effort later in working it to fit the headlight.

Use your finger to press the material to the lens along the horizontal middle.  Just run your finger across the middle of the lens from left to right.


Since the headlight is concave, there will be excess material at the top and bottom.  Warm the material with the heat gun again, and use your finger to push out from the middle line that you already created, up towards the top and bottom of the material until it all adheres. You may have some material hang over the sides, and you will definitely have material on the ends where the finger grip tabs are.


Use your knife to trim around the edges of the film where it overhangs the light.

Any tiny air bubbles will work themselves out over time, and any adhesive ripples will diminish over time as well.


Just to see what it would look like, I put an LCI headlight overlay ( )on top of the film.  Not sure if I like it.  What do you guys think??

Smoked Lens Film for Taillights from


BMW has improved the look of their taillights a lot over recent years. Not necessarily disliking the lights, but wanting something different (we didnt do anything to the LED Taillights of our E46 M3 Project car…. ) I decided to install the Bimmian smoked lens film onto the cars taillights.

This product is available in 3 different colors, light (hardly visible on taillights), medium (a tint that still shows some red) and dark (blacks out the lights almost completely). In this example I will be using the DARK smoke film as I want this change to be dramatic.

FYI, this product is available for just about every BMW vehicle. Check out availability and more photos at

These are generally pretty easy to install. Takes about 1/2 hour in total for most cars.

Lets see how its done… On the e92, there are actually 4 lights on the back of the car. 2 on the trunk and 2 on the rear fenders.


Here is what it looked like before we got started.


Here is the 4 piece kit. It was precision cut by machine to ensure a great fit every time.


Of the four pieces, i needed to find the one that was the same shape as my first light. I recommend starting on the flattest possible light to get a feel for the material, how it stretches and how it works.

First, clean your lens thoroughly making sure there is no residue of dirt, soap or wax.

There are two handles on each piece; these are the two squareish parts coming off the sides of the film. We recommend holding the material only by these tabs for maximum adhesion once installed.

Flat pieces are easy to do, you essentially just stick it on then use a blade to trim the handles off the side, so I skipped the installation for this one, see below.


Curved surfaces add some complexity to the installation process. Also, lenses which have a hard ridge through them, like this e92, are also more difficult to do. Its very do-able though. This material is really high quality material, and is quite forgiving. It can be applied, removed, applied and removed several times without losing its stickiness. It can also be stretched and shrunk a little bit.

The way I started out with this application was to take my heat gun (you can use a hair dryer as well … just don’t let your girlfriend or wife catch you in the garage with her hairdryer). Use it to warm up the material while still on the backing, It will start to smell a bit, once it does, you can stop heating it. As it warms, you will see the tension in the material relax. Peel the material off the backing, and quickly (within, say, 20 seconds – while its still warm) adhere it to the light. Start in one corner, and look where it lies along the top edge of the light. Make sure you dont have too much overhang or gap. If you took too long, warm the material again. On some lights, you may need to stretch the material a bit. Since the material is warm, you can easily stretch it, just grab it with a firm grip and pull. Doing this will also help to eliminate rippled edges around the outside of the lens, which will make your life easier in the future steps.

Once you feel the edges are lined up properly. run your finger horizontally along the middle of the film to firmly stick the middle of the film to the lens.


Thats what I’ve done in the two pictures above, it looks pretty nasty and wrinkled. Its not nicely laid, but thats OK.

Use the heat gun to warm the material again, this time, work from the horizontal middle outwards and push your finger upwards, squeezing out the air from under the lens film. Move your head around, look for bubbles that aren’t visible due to reflections or shadows. if you see a little bubbles, and you cannot push them out with your thumbs because the material around them is secured too tightly, we need to make a call. If the diameter of a pencil or less, leave them, they will work themselves out over time, it will take a bit of time depending on the size, but they will go, if its bigger than this, or if there are many in one area, and ESPECIALLY if you see a little piece of dirt or debris under the material, peel the material back from the closest edge until you can push the air out, and secure it down again.

When we come to any hard bends, or close to the edges, you may find there are big, air bubbles that keep forming, or it gets wavy/rippled at the sides. The mode convex the lens is, the more it will happen. This is why its important to stretch it along the horizontal middle part when doing the first application of the film.

To get rid of any of these things, warm the film. You will see the film go limp and the ripples shrink, remove heat and immediately use a credit card or moist rag to push the material down to the lens. Wait a moment while holding it, it needs to cool into this new shape. Do this for each affected area.

Its possible these areas may keep coming back, so check a few hours later. Keep following the step above until its gone. And don’t drive the car until you get these problems worked out. If dirt gets behind the film, it will ruin the film.


Here is a look of the left side. Its pretty bright in the room so you can still see a bit of red. This material is great because its translucent enough to let light through, but dark enough so that it looks pure black under non-direct lighting situations.


Now theres a difference!


All done!

WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrades (Angel Eyes Upgrade)


Hey all!  Time for another mod on the Bimmian e92 M3 project car!

This time we are going to install a set of LED halo upgrades from WeissLicht.

WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrades are compatible for any vehicle with OEM halogen halo rings.  They convert the boring halogen yellowish color light from your rings into an crisp, cool xenon white color (or red … or blue…).  This mod will also update the look of the car, so that it looks like the newer BMWs that have this color light from the factory.

These are easily installed in just a few steps that Ill be showing you below.  These instructions are for an E92 M3, and are very similar for most other BMW vehicles.

If you want more information, want to check pricing or availability for your vehicle please check out our website at  If you have an E46 and want to ADD halos to your car: check out this page:


Halos before replacement (camera has white balanced the rings to look white instead of their actual yellowish color.


Start by inserting a screwdriver to release the clips holding the panel on the top of the headlight.


Im pointing to the light bulb that we need to remove.  Twist then pull backwards to remove.


Its out.   Unclip the connector from the base of the bulb.


Assemble the wiring clips on your WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrade and ballast.


Depedning on your vehicle, you may have to adjust the rotation of the LED assembly before installation.  If this is the case, refer to the included directions for doing this.   if these directions are not included, then rotation is not necessary. (most vehicles)


Connect the ballast socket + LED bulb to the socket that came out of the bulb you just removed.


Use the provided tool to press the two arms together.  There are two round circles on the arms for this purpose.


Use the tool to guide the arms into the hole that you removed the original bulb from.  Once the tip of the arm is in you may release the arms from the grip of the tool.


Rotate the base of the LED bulb until you feel it become flush then lock securely into place.    You can look in the front of the light, its hard to see, but you can see the fiber optic pickup, and you can see the tip of the WeissLicht bulb.  In this example, the bulb is NOT aligned properly.   If your bulb is like this, make sure that it is screwed in properly.  If it is screwed in properly then the bulb alignment may not be correct (refer to the step above that shows the instruction guide.)


And we’re done!   Looks great!  Nice and bright!

Headlight Accent Overlays Installed


Headlight accent overlays are a simple, removable adhesive overlay available for several BMW models.

BMW has recently started to incorporate frosted white plastic inside the headlights on most face lifted or new models after about 2008, E90 LCI, E92 LCI, F01, F10, F25, etc.

These overlays update the look of the old style headlights to more closely resemble the newer style of headlights.  This is a quick-to-install and inexpensive modification for your vehicle that updates its look.

More information and ordering instructions are available at

*sorry for the poor pictures, I made this blog post from my iPhone and I didn’t realize the lighting was so bad!*


So this vehicle is a 2008 M3, it has the original E92 headlights without the frosted interior pieces.


Here on the left is the headlights (2007-2009) style that the pre-LCI vehicles have, and on the right is the LCI headlights (2010-2013) style. LCI stands for LIFE CYCLE INVIGORATION which basically means that they have updated the look of the vehicle without changing the entire car.  For BMW this usually means headlights, taillights, sometimes bumpers or other body panels.  They may switch engines as well.


Here are the vinyl overlays.


To install, (after washing your light and making sure there is no wax  dirt or other residue on your light, line up the corners, and lie the material down on the light, don’t worry yet about wrinkles etc.  If it doesn’t line up properly, no big deal, pull it up and try again.


Go across the light lining it up as you go.


Once satisfied with the positioning run your finger along the vertical middle of the material, adhering it to the light.


This will leave gaps and wrinkles at the top and bottom, thats ok, because now you will use your finger to smooth them out working from the middle, outwards. 20120201-115731.jpg

And we’re done.  Use a credit card or similar item to smooth air bubbles out from under the material.  use the card to push them towards the edges of the material.

Here is a “proper” picture of this mod. THe pictures from my iPhone above don’t do it justice….

WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade for BMW E92 M3


For the longest time, BMW has plagued us with these ugly yellow-colored license plate illumination lights.

In 2008(?) BMW started to include pure-white LED replacements as stock parts.  This is great, it cleans up the color, BUT, they aren’t that bright so don’t look that good.  Their solution has only TWO LEDs inside.

Lets get rid of these underpowered lights, and with a 5 minute install, lets upgrade to the WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Modules.   These feature 24 high power SMD LEDs for the best look on the rear of the vehicle.

Note that these license plate illumination modules are available for just about every BMW.  They are also available regardless of whether you have the OEM halogen bulb or OEM LED plate illumination.   Get more detail or order now at - Bimmian Weisslicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade


Before….. nice white color, but fairly dim.


The solution:  24-LED Replacement modules!


Installation is super-easy.  Insert screwdriver into the slot, slide right and downwards.


Disconnect the connector from the original lamp.


Plug in the WeissLicht license plate light.


Snap it in and witness the difference…. its dramatic…. even the reflection of the light below the plate shows the difference!


Another view of the dramatic difference


Straight-on, its blindingly bright.


Perform the same installation steps on the other side, and we’re done!