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Active Autowerke E92 M3 Signature Exhaust – Installed on Project Car


So of course with any worthy project car, an aftermarket exhaust system is a must.

Having heard a lot of good things about Active Autowerke exhaust systems, AND having heard many nice sounding cars with this system on there, I figured we would get a cat-back system for the project car.

So, on it goes…. and its better than we expected!!!!

This cat back system is not too loud, but not too quiet.  When you pounce on the throttle, you certainly know the car is tuned, but when just driving through town, you aren’t making a big scene.

The sound is crisp and professional, Its a deep growl without the raspiness or buzzing sound that you hear in the exhaust systems of competitors.

We will post a sound clip very soon!

For more information about the systems, and for a list of the (many) BMW vehicles these systems are available for, check out the website.



Active Autowerke Short Shift Kit for E92 M3 Project Car


A short shift kit is one of those things that I have heard about for years.  Nobody really ever made a big deal about it, so I didnt think much of it.

As is now an authorized reseller of the full Active Autowerke line of products, we felt it was our responsibility to check out the kind of products they carried, so we ordered a short shift kit.


After installing it (sorry guys, no pics of the install), I was driving the car back to the shop…. and I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE THIS THING MADE.

The shifts became so tight, there is absolutely no play when in gear, the shifts are shorter, firmer, and more notchy, so you know when you are in gear, allowing for faster shifts.


Everyone who drives the project car comments to me about this, how great the shifter feels.

This is absolutely worth the price — and its available for MANY different vehicles: check it out or order at

Active Autowerke Supercharger Kit for Bimmian E92 M3 Project Car


Its been a while, because we have been busy installing and testing the next mod on the Bimmian E92 M3 project car….

its an Active Autowerke Stage 2 Supercharger kit with methanol injection!

Here are the specs

Boost: 6.5-7.5 psi
Horsepower: 625 HP
Torque: 450 Ft Lbs

Let me tell you, this car is now a rocket!  A little bored with your M3?  Spend the bucks and get this kit.  Its worth every last dime.    They also offer kits for E46 vehicles as well. Check it out at

The flawless install was done by our friends at Bimmersport Automotive… keep up the good work!

Thanks also to Rob + the rest of the team at Active Autowerke.  Awesome product guys!

Here are some pics they took during the install.

The kit!  – notice the real carbon fiber plenum upgrade.

It looks painful but it will be OK soon….. .

Intake system removed, intercooler and blower mounted.

Close up of both intercoolers…. the small one in the back cools the supercharger oil.  The one in the front is an air-to-air intercooler.



The methanol tank and injection pump in the trunk

Supercharger air intake pipe

The stock air intake plenum removed.

The blower installed.

Air intake installed. Active Autowerke plenum installed.

Finishing up

All Done….

Active Autowerke Shipment Arrived


Look what just arrived at the warehouse today!

Boxes of stuff from Active Autowerke!

Lets check it out.


And… a short shift kit….. more to post once installed!!!


Mechunik Air Intake Scoops Installation


The Mechunik air intake scoops help to divert more air into the cold air intake of your vehicle creeting a higher pressure inside the intake system and increasing horsepower produced by the engine.

We want as much power as we can get out of our E92 M3 project car, so of course we are installing these.  Installation takes just a few minutes, and can be done without professional help, so this makes for one of the fastest, and most inexpensive reversible performance modifications you can make to your BMW.
These are available for many BMW M models and can be found at  These are available in both red and black color for a bold or stealthy look.   We chose the red.
Lets take a look at the installation on our E92 M3 project car.  Installation for other cars will be similar.
First, we need to remove the air intake cowling found above the grilles. We do this by using a pry tool to pull up on the center part of the retaining pins that are holding in the cowling clips.
we then use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding in the other side of the cowling.
Take the cowling off and put it aside.
Put the scoops into place.
Install with the scoop facing frontwards and the hole over the hole where we removed the clip in step 1.  See previous image for illustration of this hole position.
Now its time to replace the cowling, re-insert the clips, and tighten the screws.  For the clips re-insert the center pin and lightly tap with a hammer to push the pin down into the retaining clip.
Looks great, and our engine is getting more air now.  This goes great with an aftermarket Active Autowerke or aFe filter also available from at or

aFe Power MagnumFORCE Stage-2 PRO 5R Cold Air Intake System for our BMW E92 M3


Look what UPS brought us today….. an aFe Power MagnumFORCE Stage-2 PRO 5R Cold Air Intake System for our BMW E92 M3 project car.

This kit was provided to us by our good friends at JleviSW.  Thanks guys!

This Stage 2 air intake system produces 18 max horsepower, 15lbs. x ft. torque and out-flowed the factory intake by 41%. This unique intake system is designed to use the factory intake box to seal the intake tube and filter and tube against unwanted underhood temperatures while increasing air flow and velocity for optimum performance.  This air intake system features a washable/reusable conical Pro 5R air filter for maximum flow and filter life, a dyno tuned intake tube and all the hardware necessary for an easy installation. This system is truly a silent killer.

For more information please check out

As you can see, we’ve unboxed the kit and put it on display in the engine bay…. I’m eager to test this thing out, lets get started.


We have to disconnect the connector from the air duct.

Then use a screwdriver to remove the clamp holding the duct to the intake manifold.

Remove the screws holding the air box cover on.

Gross.  Good thing we are changing this filter.

Remove the filter, and vacuum out the inside of the air intake box.

Our new filter is assembled and ready to be installed.

Put the intake into position, and reinstall using the clamps.

Reattach the connector to the aFe air duct.

Reinstall the air box cover.

I’m really excited to get this installed.   Ill post back to this thread after I take the car for a drive.