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7 Piece Colored Roundel Emblem Overlay Kit for BMW


The classic BMW logo… a marque of quality, reliability, and …. unfortunately …. mass production.   Lets make our project car stand out from the millions of other mass-produced BMW vehicles by changing the color of the roundel emblem.

We may change the color later (just wait to see what we are working on for this car…. :) ) but for now, we are going to install our NEW MATTE CARBON FIBER roundels on the car, as we need to take some professional photographs for the website anyway.

These colored roundel overlays are available in your choice of over 40 colors for any BMW vehicle at - 7 Piece Colored Roundel Emblem Overlay Kit for BMW



The original……. lets change it!


The kit comes with a sheet of overlays in any of 40+ colors.  Enough to overlay all the emblems on the entire vehicle!


Simply peel off with a screwdriver or blade, line it up, and stick it on.  The high quality adhesive on the back of the emblems will make them stick for years!


Hood emblem completed!


Trunk emblem completed!


Four wheels completed!


Steering wheel completed!








WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade for BMW E92 M3


For the longest time, BMW has plagued us with these ugly yellow-colored license plate illumination lights.

In 2008(?) BMW started to include pure-white LED replacements as stock parts.  This is great, it cleans up the color, BUT, they aren’t that bright so don’t look that good.  Their solution has only TWO LEDs inside.

Lets get rid of these underpowered lights, and with a 5 minute install, lets upgrade to the WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Modules.   These feature 24 high power SMD LEDs for the best look on the rear of the vehicle.

Note that these license plate illumination modules are available for just about every BMW.  They are also available regardless of whether you have the OEM halogen bulb or OEM LED plate illumination.   Get more detail or order now at - Bimmian Weisslicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade


Before….. nice white color, but fairly dim.


The solution:  24-LED Replacement modules!


Installation is super-easy.  Insert screwdriver into the slot, slide right and downwards.


Disconnect the connector from the original lamp.


Plug in the WeissLicht license plate light.


Snap it in and witness the difference…. its dramatic…. even the reflection of the light below the plate shows the difference!


Another view of the dramatic difference


Straight-on, its blindingly bright.


Perform the same installation steps on the other side, and we’re done!

First mod: painted reflectors


We have got to get rid of these ugly orange reflectors… They’re just hideous… And not part of the euro spec vehicles, they’re an afterthought for US cars because they needed to have orange on the front-ends.

We are going to replace these with Bimmian painted versions available at

This is a very popular first-mod… and I believe it to be an ESSENTIAL first mod.


The ugly original…. bye bye orange….. 20120125-132215.jpg

The solution … freshly unboxed.20120125-132336.jpg

Simple, one minute, installation.  The original pops out with a screwdriver.  Just insert and lift.  …. All the instructions are on the back side of the box anyway.


Out it comes….


Thank goodness, its gone!  These painted reflectors from look and fit great!


Just arrived at HQ




Plans are well underway for this car.  With the support of many of our great vendors, our plans for this project are taking shape.  Thanks in advance to all of our vendors who have pledged their support for this project.    Exciting things are about to happen!…… stay tuned.

Purchase Complete Of The Bimmian E92 M3 Project Car

2008 Jerez Black E92 M3
This blog will document the conversion from stock E92 M3
into a unique creation by
We’re getting the car on Thursday.
We look forward to sharing the conversion with you!
Stay tuned for updates!
SPECIAL THANKS  to Jim Cockerham @ BMW Toronto : 1-416-623-2794
Jim provides exceptional service and great prices on quality pre-owned BMW vehicles.
Here are some specs on the car:
Novillo Silver Extended Leather
Brushed Aluminum Interior Trim
6 Speed Manual Transmission
18″ OEM BMW Wheels
iDrive + Navigation
Comfort Access
Bluetooth w/Voice Command
iPod integration
Xenon Headlights
Dynamic Damper Control
Power Folding Mirrors
Park Distance Control
Cold Weather Package