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Bimmercruise 2012 @ Mosport


Taking both our project e46 m3 (red) and our project e92 m3 (white) to Mosport Raceway for BimmerCruise 2012 on August 27, 2012.

This is the first show for the e92 m3…. and a trophy to take home for each car!












Here are a collection of pictures of our showcars at the show.

Check out the bimmian facebook page for full photo coverage of the event.






We’ll be going to Uberfest next month too!


E46 M3 belonging to Randy , Bimmercruise organizer


Graphics + Decal Installation @ DecalWerks


As one of the final touches to the E92 M3 showcar, is to list the sponsors whose products appear on the vehicle.

We are working from the DecalWerks shop today, getting logos cut and applied to the car.



Here is the Mechunik logo being cut from silver metallic vinyl film



Once cut, and the excess material removed from around the letters, we are doing a dry-fit of the logos on the door.


Then removing the protective backing paper…. .


We press the decals onto the vehicle, and remove the front masking surface.   Looks good!



The same for the larger Bimmian logo across the bottom of the doors.

We like the silver on the white, as it is subtle but it is still noticeable.


Making decals for other areas of the car — like these black hood vents, now blue to match your BMW wheels.



And some custom hood stripes to break up the carbon fiber.  They are the same matte white as the car, and are custom made to follow the contour of the lines on the hood.




URL on the hood, in the same blue material as the hood vents


And the finishing touch, a “Personalized By” sticker.  Want one of these?  Email us! (They’re free for past customers!)


Active Autowerke E92 M3 Signature Exhaust – Installed on Project Car


So of course with any worthy project car, an aftermarket exhaust system is a must.

Having heard a lot of good things about Active Autowerke exhaust systems, AND having heard many nice sounding cars with this system on there, I figured we would get a cat-back system for the project car.

So, on it goes…. and its better than we expected!!!!

This cat back system is not too loud, but not too quiet.  When you pounce on the throttle, you certainly know the car is tuned, but when just driving through town, you aren’t making a big scene.

The sound is crisp and professional, Its a deep growl without the raspiness or buzzing sound that you hear in the exhaust systems of competitors.

We will post a sound clip very soon!

For more information about the systems, and for a list of the (many) BMW vehicles these systems are available for, check out the website.



Active Autowerke Short Shift Kit for E92 M3 Project Car


A short shift kit is one of those things that I have heard about for years.  Nobody really ever made a big deal about it, so I didnt think much of it.

As is now an authorized reseller of the full Active Autowerke line of products, we felt it was our responsibility to check out the kind of products they carried, so we ordered a short shift kit.


After installing it (sorry guys, no pics of the install), I was driving the car back to the shop…. and I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE THIS THING MADE.

The shifts became so tight, there is absolutely no play when in gear, the shifts are shorter, firmer, and more notchy, so you know when you are in gear, allowing for faster shifts.


Everyone who drives the project car comments to me about this, how great the shifter feels.

This is absolutely worth the price — and its available for MANY different vehicles: check it out or order at

Anodized Tow Hook for BMW


Here is a simple modification from Mechunik that looks pretty cool.


Its an anodized towhook.  I thought it would accent the rest of the blue on the car.


It is available in many colors at and will fit any BMW model.





Pop off the tow hook cover in the bumper, and screw in the bolt.


Tighten the bolt into the vehicle.


Screw the hook onto the bolt.


Once tight, loosen the hook back off until it is facing downwards, then adjust the retaining nut attached to the bolt so that the hook is held in place in the right direction.


We’re done! Thats it.


Active Autowerke Supercharger Kit for Bimmian E92 M3 Project Car


Its been a while, because we have been busy installing and testing the next mod on the Bimmian E92 M3 project car….

its an Active Autowerke Stage 2 Supercharger kit with methanol injection!

Here are the specs

Boost: 6.5-7.5 psi
Horsepower: 625 HP
Torque: 450 Ft Lbs

Let me tell you, this car is now a rocket!  A little bored with your M3?  Spend the bucks and get this kit.  Its worth every last dime.    They also offer kits for E46 vehicles as well. Check it out at

The flawless install was done by our friends at Bimmersport Automotive… keep up the good work!

Thanks also to Rob + the rest of the team at Active Autowerke.  Awesome product guys!

Here are some pics they took during the install.

The kit!  – notice the real carbon fiber plenum upgrade.

It looks painful but it will be OK soon….. .

Intake system removed, intercooler and blower mounted.

Close up of both intercoolers…. the small one in the back cools the supercharger oil.  The one in the front is an air-to-air intercooler.



The methanol tank and injection pump in the trunk

Supercharger air intake pipe

The stock air intake plenum removed.

The blower installed.

Air intake installed. Active Autowerke plenum installed.

Finishing up

All Done….